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Enterprise DevOps for Database Lifecycle Management

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GDPR, procurement and technical debt: how to control software quality of suppliers.

Buying software and services Software and IT services are often considered a live cost for big companies whose core business is not focused on software production. Controlling the quality of those factors is a complex task. On the one hand you have to necessarily manage procurement and check whether providers can afford the level of quality you need. On the other hand measuring such a quality is hard and may require not clear tools and criteria. Public Sector, Finance and Fintech, Banking, Insurance companies require tons of software and IT services. CRM, SAP, ERP, DWH are almost everywhere included as assets the most part of companies rely on. Services for systems and architectures, data and databases, integration, software developments and tools are necessary in order to provide high quality services, internal control, easy evolution, etc. An important lever to minimise the cost of services is control . This means having the ability to measure  and monitor the quality of

Vulnerabilities explained: how NIST globally detects and manages flaws

What is a vulnerability? A vulnerability is a weakness of a computer system that allows potential attackers to reduce information assurance. A vulnerability can occur at any "place" of a computer system, for instance it can be a flaw at network level during protocol messages exchange, it can be an application bug unveiling private information, it may reach the sphere of copywriting and much more. Nowadays computer systems drive most of the human activities from agricolture to health through aerospace, automotive, Internet of Things, mainframes, micro-services and any modern keyword buzzing over the Internet. Security is an important aspect of any modern computer system since it represents the endless battle against attackers. There not exists systems 100% safe and secure. The level of security a computer system can afford depends on many factors, to mention a few: Money : the "bigger" is your investment the more your system will be secure. Poor product